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Adoption Support

Are you prospective adoptive parents or foster parents? Do you need support understanding behaviors you are seeing in a youth and connecting them to their experiences? Do you want guidance with how to create a supportive and nurturing environment?

Are you a birth parent who has already or is currently overwhelmed with the emotions of having your child adopted? Whether you are currently experiencing separation from your child due to an upcoming adoption or your child was adopted years ago, the experience will continue to have an impact on you and KAIROS Therapy Center is here to support you.

Are you a kinship caregiver making effort to aid a struggling family member by caring for a child, yet now have found yourself in a constant struggle with boundaries? Do you want to support surrounding positive communication and rekindling a healthy relationship?

Do you know a child or adolescent who is in the process of adoption or has been adopted that is struggling with grief, loss, abandonment, and other emotions that may be contributing to behavioral challenges? Is the youth struggling with having been separated from siblings and their community?

Are you an Adult who was adopted as a youth in need of support as you navigate through significant life events? Often many complex emotions arise when leaving the home, starting significant relationships, getting married, attending college, parenthood, suffering any loss, etc. It is at these monumental life events that we recognize what a significant impact being adopted can have on a person’s life and that seeking support to navigate these emotions is essential.

At KAIROS Therapy Center a clinician trained in adoption competency (TAC clinician) is ready to connect and partner with you on your journey, whether you are the birth parent, caregiver, or adoptee!